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Mission Appeal Office

91 Secor Rd. Scarsdale, NY 10583

914 690 4891


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“The Alagad Ni Maria] strive to bring Christ to the youth and the youth to Christ through the Blessed Virgin 

Mary as their model-disciple.”


Alagad ni Maria (Disciples of Mary) Constitution

The Religious Institute of the Alagad ni Maria (Disciples of Mary) strives to bring the youth closer to God. Guided by the inspiration of the Blessed Virgin Mary, our community commits to promoting traditional Catholic values and spirituality among young people in the Philippines.


The country's rapidly changing economic, political, social, and technological landscape presents significant challenges for its youth, who are grappling with complex issues and are consequently vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. Our mission is to provide these young individuals with the opportunity to experience God's love and compassion.


Our community offers formation programs, retreats, Christian leadership seminars, sports-related activities and outreach programs for thousands of young people in public high schools and in poverty-stricken communities and parishes. To deliver these programs successfully, we are consistently supported by hundreds of committed youth leaders, educators, parents, and volunteers. Additionally, we rely on continuous funding to sustain and expand our ministries, and we are deeply grateful for the support we receive from the Propagation of Faith/Missionary Cooperative Appeal, which has been a vital source of aid for our community.

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